El Rey Wine’s Pinot Noir Wins a Double Gold!

El Rey Wine is so proud to announce our Pinot Noir has won a Double Gold in Sunset Magazine's Wine Competition! The tradition continues..... … [Read more...]

2020 Harvest Looking Good!

The 2020 Harvest was bountiful and beautiful! We had help from Derek's Grand-kids Audrey and Kiernan this year. Along with 3 young local teens from Lompoc. The young generation proved to be super hard-working. Looking forward to tasting this year's wine. … [Read more...]

4 El Rey

It’s a hard grape to grow…thin skinned, temperamental, ripens early…it’s not a survivor like Cabernet, which can grow anywhere and thrive even when it’s neglected.  Pinot needs constant care and attention…it can grow in these really specific, little, tucked away corners of the world. And only the most patient … [Read more...]

Saving Birds at El Rey Wine

Oh no!  The grapes are slowly getting sweeter and are tempting the birds!  We visit the nets everyday to save the birds. … [Read more...]

El Rey Wine Wins Sunset Magagzine’s Silver Metal

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Redondo Beach Chez Melange Adds El Rey Wine

Chez Melange Chez Melange just added El Rey Wine to the wine list!  Three restaurants under one roof, one block from the ocean.   A "must try" restaurant www.chezmelange.com .   Yum! … [Read more...]

Why do we plant cover crop to the El Rey Wine vineyard?

Why do we plant cover crops to our vineyard?  These plants include legumes such as fava beans, grasses, oats and clover which decompose and deliver Nitrogen to the grape vines. Vineyard cover crops draw abundant moisture in the soil from heavy winter rains. Our vines may appear dormant, but they are … [Read more...]

2014 Bronze Metal Winner!

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El Rey Wine Wins Bronze Metal at the Central Coast Wine Competition!

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Wine Notes 2015

Our Pinot Noir vineyard is situated on the perfect stretch of land, sitting on a south-east facing slope 14 miles from the Pacific Ocean.  The Central Coast is home to world class Pinot Noir.   The El Rey Vineyard follows the area’s rich tradition by producing an expressive Pinot Noir. The 2015 vintage … [Read more...]