El Rey Wine Wins Sunset Magagzine’s Silver Metal

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Redondo Beach Chez Melange Adds El Rey Wine

Chez Melange Chez Melange just added El Rey Wine to the wine list!  Three restaurants under one roof, one block from the ocean.   A "must try" restaurant www.chezmelange.com .   Yum! … [Read more...]

Why do we plant cover crop to the El Rey Wine vineyard?

Why do we plant cover crops to our vineyard?  These plants include legumes such as fava beans, grasses, oats and clover which decompose and deliver Nitrogen to the grape vines. Vineyard cover crops draw abundant moisture in the soil from heavy winter rains. Our vines may appear dormant, but they are … [Read more...]

El Rey Wine’s Super Grapes – Looks like an early Harvest

Wow! #ElReyWine super grapes! Looks like an early harvest. … [Read more...]

El Rey Wine Visits Portugal

We love to try new wines! This summer finds us in Lisbon, Portugal the heartland of beautiful wines of Portugal. The people are fun loving, open and bold - just like their wine! By trying international wine, we are able to taste and improve our own wine. So each vintage year continues to be a unique and a … [Read more...]

Treading the Pinot Noir Vines

June is a busy time in the vineyard! This week-end we made sure our vines were nice and straight by "threading the vines" through the wires. Making sure sunlight reaches our pinot noir grape clusters. … [Read more...]

June Grapes

The magic is starting to happen! We composted and spread just before the winter rain - and look how great the vines and grapes look already. Promising to be a great year! … [Read more...]

El Rey Wine Recommends

Coming to the Central Coast to taste wine? Visit two of our favorite places! Industrial Eats in Buellton AND Taste of Santa Rita Hills in the wine ghetto for a taste of www.elreywine.com … [Read more...]

Pruning El Rey Wine Vines

Here is what is happening in the vineyard this month! … [Read more...]

This is how El Rey Wine Delivers

El Rey Wine makes a delivery to The Taste of Sta Rita Hills and Moretti's. They sell the best wine of the Central Coast. Visit Jenni and Antonio Moretti and taste El Rey. … [Read more...]